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The Captains Growing up, Captains Matt & Ben Maher were constantly on the ocean landing fish of every size. Whether it was their grandfather or father taking them out fishing or casting from the dock in front of their grandparents house, they were always fishing throughout the summer. Commercial and sportfishing has been part of the family for over 50 years and has taught them to be successful. For the first 10 years Ben and Matt mostly did commercial fishing giving them great knowledge of the waters surrounding the Cape and South Coast. Now for the past 10 years both Captains have used different approaches to put Fishy Business consistently on fish which gives them a successful day on the water. Between the pair they spend nearly everyday on the water from April to November allowing them to understand where the best chances are to catch fish and what type of tackle to use.


Matt and Ben are certified Captains by the United States Coast Guard.

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